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About Us


We, the Acid Family are a worldwide community of psychedelic explorers, artists, acid freaks, full-time & weekend hippies, psychedelic warriors or trip sitters. Our vision is to grow alongside a community of likeminded people (and aliens) who want to shape the word. Together with you, we want to start a new love revolution! As the psychedelic experience teaches us, the great growling fuel for positive change is our imagination! So let's all get together and drop some acid to fuel our imagination and then create a better world full of free love, music festivals and trippy art!

Our shop aims to provide you with a wide range of trippy items and clothing that may motivate you to become part of this vision, express yourself the world, dress for your next psychedelic rave or festival or just to add that extra trippy touch to your style! We hope you enjoy your stay & come to trip with us some time ♡

We aim to provide you with the best possible service and be available for you at your convenience.

Peace & Love

Acid Family